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In gratitude to FPC Wellsboro…

August 8, 2014

A letter mailed to the congregation we currently serve…

August 6, 2014

Dear Beloved in Christ,

It is with mixed feelings of joy and sadness that I write to inform you that I have accepted a call to a church in North Carolina.  I realize that I leave behind friends, family, unfinished work and unresolved tensions.  But having given this situation much prayerful thought, Carol and I are in agreement that the time has come.

We leave a church that has grown in its commitment, in its financial health and in its desire to live a life of faith.  We have laughed, we have prayed, we have studied and we have grown together.  You took us in as we returned from overseas mission and helped us to find a home in a country we hardly understood.  For that we are truly thankful.

We go to a church that will allow us to advance an already successful ministry and just as importantly to be close to Carol’s parents.  We have never lived closer than six hours away and much of that has been oversees.  As they age we want to be able to be close and to help provide the care they need.  This position allows us the best of both worlds.

We know that there will be some concerns and to that end we invite you to a time of fellowship following the worship service on August 17th.  We’ll meet downstairs and discuss the future of FPC and the Halleads.  I’ll do my best to help you understand what lies ahead and answer any and all questions you may have.

I respectfully ask that you keep the Halleads and FPC in your prayers during this time of transition.  We anticipate September 7th being our last Sunday with you.  It should be assumed that the Session will call for a congregational meeting on August 31st.  In the interim, I will try to make myself available to anyone who wishes to meet to discuss this move. 

In gratitude for the years of service together,


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