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One of those days…

October 1, 2013

An encouraging talk with a three time cancer survivor who sees the bouts of cancer as being glorious opportunities to experience God’s grace and who has  begun (after three bouts) to look forward to them.  What a witness…

A talk with one who is frustrated with the family (some of whom are only posing as believers) who struggles with why do we even bother with church, why are people pathological liars, why do we as Christians so often seem to stand alone on matters of true righteousness and holiness…

A talk with a teen who is giving up on “organized religion” (but who couldn’t define it) because that “organized religion” is against everything that this teen is for.  Why should this teen have to change her opinion (and “it’s always only an opinion anyway, no one really knows what’s out there”) in order to be a part of a group of people she never sees out on the town in her circle of friends…

And I find out about the shut-down, slow-down, or slim-down of government wherein nonessential workers are sent home.  And I find myself wondering, if they are non essential why are they employed to begin with?  And my mind begins to sink into the abyss of sarcasm, disappointment, and frustration.  It is a cancer which eats away at joy…

And we continue to fight the battle of the worship wars and hear phrases like – “I don’t like it,” “make them stop,” “we’ve never done it this way” – more than I hear, “I feel  like the Lord was pleased,” “I’m grateful to be able to worship openly,” or “perhaps we should think about…”

The USA government takes actions that are unthinkable in other countries (check out BBC’s article on the matter here).  People lie to their family and friends with impunity, the church’s role in people’s lives (in the USA) is decreasingly significant,  and Americans seem increasingly distracted by the cable tv, hate radio, me first, professional pursuit or an agenda that is devoid of any significant spiritual exercise.

And I need to turn my thoughts to someone who is dying, beset by advanced dementia and the spouse who has battled for years her own health issues and to offer hope… Our only hope… Jesus Christ.  I think more people need to face death and the inevitability of their own earthy demise in order to be able to put all of this other nonsense in perspective.

When all we have is Jesus we might actually learn that He is all we need.  Period.  Lord have mercy.

Just one of those days…

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