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Where do people find the time???

August 26, 2013

I recently found that some missionary colleagues had let their domain name drop and were no longer blogging.  When I asked them about this their reply was a simple

We realize that we’re not bloggers, like we’re not photographers.  We don’t step out of being and doing often enough to reflect and share.”

And the thought occurred to me that in today’s world there seems to be a premium on reflection particularly amongst clergy, counselors, and some others.  And I begin to wonder, based on my reading of some of these blogs (as well as so much of that which is presented as news) whether or not this fashion of “reflection” actually inhibits our action.  “Belief” is put across as a major issue.  Someone is always saying, “well I believe” as if that puts the matter to an end.  Or “for me…” as if everything was relative.  Even those that pause so much to reflect seem to think that it is in the reflection that truth of some sort may be realized.

I’m just not buying it.  I think that it is only in the doing that we truly learn.  We can spend year after year after year in educational endeavors and grow our intellectual understanding of countless matters but never put the ball in play.  We write books.  We discuss books.  And we go about our way pretty proud of our thought processes.

Dirty work.  I think that dirty work is the playground of growth.  It is in the dirty work itself, the muck and mire of daily living that we find Jesus, the Grace of God embodied, in the hungry and the hurting, in the lost and the lonely, in the oppressed and the ornery.  It is as I smile at the grocery store clerk that the love of Jesus is shown.  It is as I listen to the church member vent her anger that my pastoral counsel can (if she is willing) lead to healing.  It is as I walk down the street wondering whether my life amounts to anything significant that the touch of a friend, the words of a neighbor, the kindness of a stranger can embody the Grace of God.  And yet here I sit and type, even when the Grace of God awaits me…

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