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Praying in Exile

June 28, 2013


Today is an exciting day.  Friday is our Missionary Prayer Day.  Many of you know that for years Carol and I have enjoyed prayer partnerships.  On each day of the month we have someone(s) for whom we pray and who pray for us.  So too, on each day of the week we have a matter about which we pray;  Monday is family.  Tuesday is our congregation and the broader church.  Wednesdays we pray for our community.  Thursday we pray for special needs/requests.  BUT Friday is our Missionary Prayer Day – a day when we reflect on the many who serve in mission.

I want to give a “shout out” to list something of an “honor role” for those for whom we consider it an honor to be praying.  At the top of today’s list are:

Africa                                                                          Asia

Michael and Rachel Weller and                            Bruce and Lori Rowe and

Brian, Amira, Thomas and Lydia                    Mark, Matthew and Christopher

Marta Bennett                                                             Tom and Barbara Metzler and

and Justin, Amani, and Stephen                     Nathan and Gabriel

Joe and Elfi Muutuki and                                        Chaiyun and Margaret Ukosakul and

Tim, Matthias and Anna                                     Melanie and Marissa

John and Laurie Watton and                                 Suraporn and Jiap Lukanachai and

Alanna and Mitchell                                             Nard, Myrrh and Praise

Bob and Kristi Rice                                                    Leith and Carol Fujii and

Jim and Jodi McGill and                                                Joy, Karen, Mark and Loni

Jason, Michael, Chrissiana,                          Austin and Sinte House and

Selina, Joseph and John                                     Ewing and Eliana

                                                                                 Don and Kathy Williams

Mission Organizations/Staff

T.A.P. – Andrew and Teri Adair, Anne and John Wheeler Waddell

T.O.F. – Rob Weingartner and Jeff Ritchie

P.F.F. – Bill and Judy Young

P.C.(U.S.A.) – PWM

M.B.F. – Bill and Willie Simmons

Others in Missional Settings

Bob and Debbie Morris

Our prayers seem to go longer on Friday.  They seem to, at times, tear at our heart strings.  They also seem to build us up with joy and hope.  It is an honor to review these saints’ lives and to bring them before the throne of grace.  It is our hope and prayer that you too will find grace and hope and peace and joy as you engage in prayer for those around the world who have given so much…

p.s. you might also check out the “Honor Roll” tab and join us in prayer for our daily prayer partners..

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