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Hiding in Exile…

June 24, 2013

A Georgia college student is suing a school district she is accusing of “steal(ing)” a bikini-clad photo of her from her Facebook page that was later used at a district-wide seminar for students and teachers as a cautionary tale about social media, WSBTV reported. (the Fox News article began…<read more>

The Guardian reports that the NSA is collecting millions of phone records from Verizon customers daily… <readmore>

And CNN’s “Situation Room” (whatever that is supposed to mean) warns us about the implications of sharing our zip code with retailers.

I’m a bit mystified that this seems to be such a big deal.  Privacy issues?  Really?  Do any of us actually think that what we post on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, or comments we make on news websites or other media ARE private?  Or even more ludicrous, that because we intend it for a particular audience, ONLY those people are able to or interested in making use of our posts?  Are we really surprised that the NSA is checking Verizon?  I’m not.  I’m surprised AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and even my own Indigo Wireless wasn’t on the list.  I guess I’m surprised that in this age of technology and terrorism:

1.  we actually believe we have any sort of privacy;

2.  we think that perhaps those that aren’t listed aren’t being seen/reviewed/watched; or that

3.  we think that somehow our communications should not be subject to another’s review as concerns public safety, legality, or morality.

 Being in community carries with it the expectance of vulnerability, transparency, honesty and forthrightness.  Is it not quite likely that we fear someone finding out what we are up to in part because we know our own faults and don’t want to have to deal with them, choosing instead to hide them, to deny they exist, putting on a veneer of propriety.

 I wonder if our inner most thoughts, concerns and activities were MORE broadly known if people could actually see us for who we really are, deep down in our character, even as God himself does, if we might not be surprised that we wrestle with many of the same issues and that perhaps even, in becoming more vulnerable we might become more compassionate.

 Sin may be personal but it is not private.  Here are several links that make the case very well:

 <Compelling Truth>

 <Got Questions>

 <A.W. Tozer>

And if indeed it is sin, it will not long be secret…

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